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The Atlanta Project


Our primary objective was to integrate several key components into the client’s existing production lines. This included the integration of an Alvey 910 palletizer, a Lantech wrapper, a pallet conveyor, a Diagraph labeler, and a case conveyor. Our team meticulously coordinated the installation, ensuring proper alignment and seamless connectivity between the different systems.

Cobalt Achievements & Successes

In addition to the equipment integration, Cobalt Integration identified opportunities for structural improvements. The mezzanine structure was enhanced to allow for additional access between Line 1 and Line 2, as well as the palletizer infeed conveyor. We also implemented additional safety e-stop zones on the case conveyor to enhance operational safety. A motor placement design was completed on the case conveyor—improving walkability on the case conveyor mezzanine.

Notably, our team successfully managed the initial vertical startup curve, ensuring a smooth transition to the newly integrated machinery. The commissioning of the palletizer on day one of startup was a significant milestone, contributing to minimal production disruptions and optimal efficiency. Because we prioritize going above and beyond, we provided additional bollards and repainted lines in the palletizer area—improving pedestrian safety and preventing potential accidents.


The Atlanta Project exemplifies our ability to deliver integrated engineering solutions while prioritizing productivity and safety. Through seamless integration of various equipment and strategic structural enhancements, we enhanced the efficiency and accessibility of the client's production lines.

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