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The Dallas Project


The primary objective of the Dallas Project was to increase the speed from 600bpm to 800bpm for the 12 oz. and 20 oz. lines. Our team undertook the integration of several key components to achieve this goal—including a new filler, a new palletizer, a new stretch wrapper, a new full bottle system, and new case conveying systems. Through careful planning and coordination, we seamlessly integrated these components into the existing production lines.

Cobalt Achievements & Successes

To improve operator access, we increased the filler platform square footage, allowing for easier movement and interaction with the equipment. Additionally, bottle blow-offs were implemented prior to the existing laser coder to enhance the printing quality and reliability. Safety upgrades were made to the pre-filler filter canisters to ensure a secure working environment.

We’re glad to share that tangible successes have been seen as a result of our work. The HiCone in-feed system has experienced significant improvements with the addition of accumulation, resulting in enhanced performance and smoother operation. The palletizer has demonstrated improved changeover reliability and increased run time, contributing to enhanced productivity and reduced downtime. Additionally, the consolidation of Line 3 and 4 has resulted in improved operator efficiency—streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.


Through the integration of new equipment, optimization of existing systems, and enhancements to operator access and safety, we successfully increased the production speed for the 12 oz. and 20 oz. lines. The notable successes in the HiCone in-feed, palletizer performance, and operator efficiency underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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