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Our Work

The Tolleson Project


Our team was tasked with procuring change parts and securing OEM support for a 20 oz. bottle addition. As well, we were responsible for procuring and installing the air conveyor neck guide and Any-Size body guide upgrades. To successfully execute the project, we offered construction management expertise and provided qualification startup support to ensure a smooth transition during the implementation phase.

Cobalt Achievements & Successes

We prioritize going above and beyond, so we continued to identify the need for additional scope involving airveyor upgrades. We also skillfully coordinated the hold tube modifications—ensuring the installation of an extension within specifications while maintaining the current 28 oz. hold tube integrity.

Notably, the airveyor upgrades have significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of the system. Slugs of bottles now run seamlessly through the airveyor, showcasing the enhanced performance achieved through our upgrades. Additionally, we conducted comprehensive maintenance training sessions on proper capper lifting—equipping the client's staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain optimal performance and mitigate potential issues.


The Tolleson Project exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored and integrated engineering solutions. By leveraging our expertise in procurement, installation, construction management, and qualification startup support, we successfully upgraded the client's production line to achieve enhanced efficiency and performance.

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